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Sandoes provide the longest established residential property management and lettings service in Westbury.

This sector of our business was created over 40 years ago and remains professionally based and geared towards the varying l needs of our clients.

The long standing nature of our activity in this area and our surveying background afford us a depth of experience, expertise and legal and building knowledge that is unrivaled elsewhere in Westbury. These abilities are used to ensure that our clients secure best advice and a quality service designed to both protect their investments and maximise their short and longer term returns and to provide appropriate action and reassurance in relation to repairs and when problems are encountered.

Our Service

We offer three tiers of service designed to meet the varying needs of our clients and these vary from the Full Management Service through to simply Preparation of the legal Agreements.

All of our services are based around the Assured Shorthold Tenancy which is an agreement for a minimum period of 6 months.

Full Management Service

This service is the most popular and is designed to meet the needs of Landlords who simply do not wish to be or cannot be involved in the day to day management of the property.
This comprehensive service includes:-

  • An initial inspection of the property
  • Provision of advice on the level of rent that can be expected.
  • Identifying our clients' preferences in relation to tenant status.
  • Advice on items to be included within the property.
  • Advice on repairing issues.
  • Provision of an agreement detailing ours and our clients responsibilities.
  • Marketing the property to let.
  • Securing credit checks and references on prospective tenants and guarantors if required..
  • Reporting to our clients with these references and securing instructions to proceed with the letting.
  • Preparation of an initial schedule of condition and if appropriate (in the case of furnished lettings) an inventory of contents.
  • Preparation and securing signature of the agreements.
  • Taking meter readings and notifying other interested parties (Council, Water Company etc) of the change in status of the property.
  • "Marching in" the new tenants and making them aware again of their responsibilities under the agreement having secured the first months rental and dilapidation's deposit
  • Registering the tenants' deposit in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Undertaking regular inspections of the property to check that the tenants are meeting their obligations and advising our clients accordingly.
  • Collecting the monthly rentals and paying the balance to our clients via a payment method of their choice.
  • Liasing with our client regarding any wants of repair that remain their responsibility during the tenancy and arranging for contractors to undertake works as necessary.
  • Providing written statements to our clients detailing rents received and costs on a monthly basis and providing year end summaries for tax purposes if required.
  • Serving notices on the tenant on behalf of the landlord.
  • Liasing with the landlord at the time of renewal of the agreement.
  • Inspecting the property upon termination of the tenancy and informing both client and tenant of any defects identified (beyond fair wear and tear).
  • Inspecting the property between tenancies to check its state of repair (and during the winter arranging for systems to be drained down or background heating maintained).
  • Liasing with the client and arranging for grass to be cut and gardens maintained at the clients' request during vacant periods.
  • Maintaining separate bank accounts for "Clients Money".
Other Services

We are able to offer the following services in addition to the Full Management Service:

Tenancy Set up only
This service includes much of the Full Management Service but once we have located a tenant for our clients and set up the agreements, schedule of condition and inventory and collected the first months rental and dilapidation's deposit our involvement ceases.

Preparation of the Legal Agreements
This service simply involves the preparation of the legal agreements where a Landlord has located a suitable tenant and requires the assurance that the tenancy is set up properly and for this we charge a nominal one off fee.

We can also provide Schedules of Condition and Inventories of Contents if required. Our Charges:

Full Management Service
Our standard fee is based upon 12.5% of rents collected + VAT. We also make an additional "set-up" charge of £120.00 + VAT at the commencement of a letting to each tenant. In certain circumstances (where we are undertaking a volume of works for clients the percentage fee may vary). Please note that we do not make a charge when the property is unlet and that our percentage fees are only deducted from collected rentals.
Tenancy Set up only
£350.00 + VAT
Agreement Preparation only
Our standard charge for this service is £75.00 + VAT. We would he pleased to quote for the preparation of Schedules of Condition and Inventories at your request and can attend in a professional capacity at the end of an agreement in these circumstances in the case of dispute.
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